Pharmaceutical Equipment :                                    

ãÑÈÚ äÕ: ISO 9001 Certificate No  3337

Homogenizer :


  1 Homogenizer
  2 Cream Homogenizing Unit


 A - Bottom tank Homogenizer



1. General description :

The homogenizer consists of a stator and a rotor . the stator consists of tow sets of coaxial teeth  within  which runs the set of the rotor teeth.


It is located at the bottom of the tank into a rotor –stator cage type , with high cutting power.

It has a mechanical seal suitable for the plant operating conditions.

It can be totally dismantled for cleaning . 

With double speed controlled from the control panel.

2.  Function :

   This configuration is suitable for dispersion of remarkable quantities of solid materials like powder.

   In general it gives good results in case of the following operations:-

  í Homogenization    í   Emulsification 
  í Dispersion    í   Reduction of the particle size

3. Application :

   The above functions illustrate the many fields of applications of the homogenizer  which are   

    pharmaceutical industries :                        

  í Creams í Emulsions í  Ointment
  í Suppositories í Antibiotics í  Suspensions

4. Working principle :

Power supply:

The installed one motor two power capacity as following :    














 B - Inline Homogenizer



The inline high shear mixers offer a possibility to pump, disperse,
Homogenize and emulsify products with one and the same equipment.
Numerous chemical, food-processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetics production processes




Operating principle
The casing is similar to a casing of a centrifugal pump, it houses the stator and the rotor. It is
characterized by a high shear due to an adjusted tolerance between the rotor and the stator
and the high speed of the rotor.

Design and features
= High shear, particle size reduction to less than 100 microns.
= Sanitary single mechanical seal.
= Completely CIPable design.
= Drain port connection (in the casing): clamp DN-3/4".
= Standard connections: Clamp ISO-2852.
= Close-coupled construction, small baseplate.
= Motor shroud.
= Motors: IEC B5, IP 55, F-class insulation.

= Parts in contact with the media: AISI 316L
= Other stainless steel parts: AISI 304
= Mechanical seal (standard): C / SiC / EPDM
= Gaskets (standard): EPDM
= Surface finish: electropolish Ra<0.8μm


Cream Homogenizing Unit






1.   Application :

There are many fields of applications of Homogenizer  which are in pharmaceutical industries


  í Creams í Emulsions í  Ointment
  í Suppositories í Antibiotics í  Suspensions


2.   General description   

●   It is a new generation of OctoMedical design family, through OctoMedical partners in Europe it was one of the good results for the fruitful cooperation between them in the fields of both spare parts and know how transfer

●   It is designed to operate by pressure and vacuum or as an atmospheric version

●   It is manufactured according to the international standards and selected stainless steel qualities .( 316L)

The Double jacket is insulated with 50 mm insulation material, finished with fully welded stainless steel plate .

The pneumatic cover lifting system ensures smooth and steady cover lifting and is provided with safety equipment.


3.   Standard Design :

     ● The unit is equipped with double jacket tank for heating and     

        cooling at 3 bar working pressure

     ● The unit is mounting an frame type agitator driven

    by a gear box motor

     ● The unit contains the necessary devices for safety and controls   

        such as  pressure gauge , thermometer , air vent ….etc.


4.    At the Bottom

  • There is a fast homogenizer (Octodisper) capable of doing the following

  í Homogenization í Dispersion
  í  Emulsification í  Reduction of the particle size